New Documentary Chronicles Jungle Labels A-Ko Recordings and AKO Beatz

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AKO Beatz… 25 Years in the Jungle, a documentary covering jungle labels A-Ko Recordings and AKO Beatz, is out now on YouTube. The short film features numerous artists from the label’s roster and reflects on the past 25 years of its history.

Launched by DJ Stretch in 1995 with the help of record label Reinforced Records, A-Ko Recordings released numerous records by Stretch throughout the ’90s. A-Ko Recordings also inspired numerous offshoots, including AKO Beatz in 2014. AKO Beatz focused on promoting established artists and fostering new talent within the jungle and drum and bass music scene.

The London-based label also includes sub-labels AKO ReloadAKO10AKO150 Arcade, and Warn Ah Bruddah. They are also responsible for running various underground shows throughout London.

Since its launch, AKO Beatz has released records by artists such as Ricky ForceGoldie, and Tom & Jerry across its main label and sub-labels.

In a statement about the 25-year milestone, DJ Stretch wrote, “I’m super proud to see a new generation getting to hear the sound we believed in back in the day, and bringing it into the future now. And it doesn’t stop there. Every year I’m raising the bar higher!”

AKO Beatz… 25 Years in the Jungle can be watched on YouTube.

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