Brian Eno Creates Limited Edition Color-Changing Turntable

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Ambient, DJ Gear, News, Tech | 0 comments

Producer, composer, and influential ambient musician Brian Eno has teamed up with the Paul Stopler Gallery to create a neon turntable that changes colors.

The turntable will be a limited edition run with only 50 units available. It will glow various soft neon colors as a record plays. As of now, the only way of purchasing it is by enquiring with the gallery via their website. No price is listed, though many expect it will be high. Each turntable will have Eno’s signature and edition number engraved on the side.

Speaking about his invention, Eno said, “One of the great breakthroughs of evolution theory is that you can start with simple things and they will grow into complexity. This is very unintuitive – it’s one of these things that the human brain isn’t immediately capable of grasping. It doesn’t make sense until you see it.”

Born in the U.K., Brian Eno studied painting and experimental music at Ipswich Civic College. He has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of glam rock band Roxy Music. Throughout his career, he has worked as a producer with numerous influential groups such as DevoTalking HeadsU2 and Coldplay. He also produces sound installations, including the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

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