Pioneer CDJ-3000 Firmware Update 2.0 Allows Track Playback via Cloud Storage

by | Dec 4, 2021 | Hardware, Tech | 0 comments

The latest firmware update for the CDJ-3000 Media Player is now available with a new rekordbox feature, allowing DJs to play media directly from saved cloud storage locations. 

rekordbox CloudDirectPlay gives access to music and media on rekordbox without the need to upload any additional music to a USB. Libraries save on Dropbox and also work with existing tracks and files on the USB.

Editing any track metadata through rekordbox saves and uploads to the cloud immediately for accurate updates across all software and CDJ-3000 units. Once a playlist is ready, simply logging into rekordbox via the CDJ-3000 screen opens the playlist for full access.

If a user misplaces a USB, disabling playlist access is possible with a few clicks through rekordbox’s desktop app. Music on the USB will still be manually accessible, however.

Subscriptions to either rekordbox’s Creative or Professional plans ($14.99 per month or $29.99 per month) unlock CloudDirectPlay. Additionally, The CDJ-3000 needs internet connectivity via the PRO DJ Link terminal in order to utilize CloudDirectPlay in its entirety.

The Pioneer CDJ-3000 Media Player is available now for $2,399.  Find more information and download the CDJ-3000 firmware on Pioneer’s website. 


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