Beatport LINK Pro Subscription Update Adds Offline Storage for up to 1,000 Tracks

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

Beatport LINK’s newest upgrade to its Pro subscription service allows offline storage of up to 1,000 tracks. The “Offline Locker Storage” feature is a significant boost; earlier versions give users space to download only 50 tracks to play offline.

For $30 monthly, Pro subscription users get access to all of Beatport LINK’s full features and full track playback. DJs using this subscription tier can create unlimited playlists with Beatport’s vast music catalogue in high-quality format. From there, users can play tracks on LINK subscription enabled devices. Any tracks that were purchased on Beatport can be downloaded again and used in Beatport LINK.

The LINK Pro subscription also comes with web and mobile app availability for DJs to download and play tracks on the go. This is key for moments where WiFi connections might be unstable or nonexistent.

Beatport LINK’s service works with many different platforms like Tribe XR and Serato. At the time of writing, however, support for Native Instruments Traktor Pro and Denon DJ’s Engine OS is not yet available.

Find more information on the Beatport LINK website.

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