Alexander Johannson Teams Up with Mattias Fridell on the Simhall 101 EP

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Alexander Johansson and Mattias Fridell have continued their long collaborative history with another “machine funk” effort. The Simhall 101 EP Oliver Rosemann and Sebastian Rothermel‘s Recorded Things. It released in digital format on October 29th.

Johansson and Fridell’s distinct style of techno is on full display in “Myror i brallan,” “Virrpanna” and “Taktfulll.” Each track exhibits more melody than is often seen in the genre, but it manifests as tastefully challenging disharmonies. “Myspys” and “Domnad” are the experimental outliers, their downtempo rhythms and relatively accessible chord progressions setting them apart.

Both hailing from Sweden, Alexander Johansson and Mattias Fridell have worked together on music as long ago as 2002’s Solutions EP. 2021 has seen them join forces more frequently – notably on the Färden E.P. via Decision Making Theory and the Laxunge EP via Symbolism.

Recorded Things, meanwhile, is based in Germany. Prior to the Simhall 101 EP the label boasted only one other release: label boss Oliver Rosemann’s own six-track EP, Season One.

Purchase the Simhall 101 EP in digital format via Recorded Things Bandcamp.

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