Reeko and Tensal Team Up on Hard Techno EP, Tremendous Satan’s Doom

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Spanish artists Reeko and Tensal have each offered up a single for a hard techno two-tracker on the former’s imprint. Tremendous Satan’s Doom demonstrates the compatibility of their individual styles as a singular whole. It released in digital format via Mental Disorder on October 22nd.

“Rose Out Of Chaos” by Reeko pairs peak-hour lead synths with cinematic percussion, a hypnotic breakdown arriving midway through the arrangement for dramatic effect. Tensal’s “Lux Rhapsody” contributes a necessary measure of groove suffused with brutalist textures and a smooth bass line.

Reeko and Tensal Revisited

Boasting nearly two decades as a recording artist, Reeko (real name Juan Rico) has released on labels such as Pole RecordingsPlanet Rhythm, and Avian in addition to his own label, Mental Disorder. For about a decade he has also championed more hypnotic, dub techno and ambient the alias Architectural.

The discography of Tensal (real name Héctor Sandoval) is fairly short by comparison. With numerous releases on Soma Records as well as appearances on Mord and Arts, however, he’s arguably packed significant accomplishments into his tenure.

Purchase Tremendous Satan’s Doom in digital format via Mental Disorder Bandcamp.

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