Karim Maas and Stave Release Texturological Techno EP, Godless

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Dark Techno, Experimental, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Collaborating once again, U.K. artist Karim Maas and Chicago’s Stave have delivered an experimental techno album titled Godless [UVB76-LP002]. Comprising seven cerebral soundscapes, it arrived by way of UVB-76 Music in digital and vinyl format on September 24th.

From the percussion-free “Interlude” to the glitch-heavy “Blakk” to the ambient noise of “Track4,” Godless doesn’t test the limits of techno – it fully crosses over into noise at various points. Tracks like “D_A_T” and “Project 1,” on the other hand, keep the listener tethered to some semblance of familiarity. The title track closes the effort out with grating textures and high-pitched tones that bring an abstract finality to the effort as a whole.

UBV-76 Music, Karim Maas and Stave

UVB-76 Music was founded in 2015 by Canadian artist Gremlinz and Bristol trio Ruffhouse with visual themes by James Hewitt. Dedicated to leading the way “in the field of underground sonic art,” the label has given a home to releases by the likes of OverlookClarity and Pessimist.

Karim Maas (real name Thomas Cooper) and Stave (real name Jonathan Krohn) have been key contributors to the UVB-76 sound. The former hails from Bristol and the latter from Chicago. Although they’ve worked together since 2019, Godless marks their first collaborative full-length effort.

Godless is sold out in vinyl record format. Purchase it in digital format via UBV-76 Music Bandcamp.

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