German Producer/Electro Artist Das Muster Passes Away

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German music producer and electro artist Das Muster (real name Marcus Mumm) passed away over the weekend. His cause of death has yet to be disclosed.

Based out of Flensburg, Germany, Mumm was a prolific contributor to the German electro scene. Beginning in 2011 he began releasing numerous albums and EPs, including records such as 2011’s Unbekannte Kräfte, 2014’s Durchleuchtung, and the 2018 EP Fehlersuche.

Mumm’s latest record was Intergalaktische Föderation, released on September 10th. He released his work through record labels such as Fundamental RecordsTransient Force, and Solar One Music.

DVS NME, a Colorado-based electro producer/DJ who collaborated with Mumm, expressed his condolences on Twitter. “My sonic tribute to Das Muster, who passed away over the weekend,” he wrote. To produce the tribute he used the MFB 522 drum machine sounds. Muster is known to have frequently used that machine in tracks he produced. DVS NME, who runs a live weekly electro mix series called Dark Science Electro, also posted numerous musical pieces that he and Muster produced together.

Fellow producer Opium Hum also took to Twitter to share his thoughts, writing that Mumm’s death is a “huge loss for the electro community.”

Das Muster’s final release is available for purchase in 12-inch vinyl record format via Kompakt.

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