Andy Barker of 808 State has Died

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Andy Barker, one of the members of late ’80s electronic music group 808 State, has passed away. His cause of death has not been disclosed at the time of writing.

On their social media accounts, 808 State shared a statement from Barker’s family. “After a happy life Andrew Barker experienced a short period of illness and passed away in his hometown of Manchester yesterday, Saturday 6th November,” it reads. “His family and friends asks that people respect their privacy at this time but remember him for the joy he brought through his personality and music. You’ll be sadly missed.”

Barker also participated in projects such as AtlasBenaco and Hit Squad MCR. He discovered electronic music via hip-hop and breakdancing, first DJing in his bedroom at the age of 14 and buying keyboards and drum machines in the years to follow.

Formed in Manchester 1987, 808 State grew to be a prominent fixture of the acid house landscape following the success of their 1989 single, “Pacific State.” The band originally consisted of Barker, Gerald Simpson (known professionally as A Guy Called Gerald), and Graham Massey. With Barker’s passing, Massey is the only remaining active member.

No memorial details have been announced for Andy Barker at the time of writing.

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