After 26 Years, Goa Club in Rome will Shut its Doors

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After 26 years, famous Rome venue Goa Club is set to close permanently.

In an interview with DJ Mag Italia, Owner and Cofounder Giancarlino announced that the club will close by the end of the month. The unit in which it’s located will reportedly be transformed into university classrooms.

“A decision taken by the property owners to deal with the lack of rental income from past seasons and the return of the keys by the tenants in Via Libetta, which unfortunately have not passed the severe test of the pandemic,” he said. “We have done everything possible to stay where we are, but every proposal made has been rejected. We are waiting to know if it will be possible to obtain an extension of the start of construction work, but for the moment there is little hope.”

He additionally mentioned the possibility of “Goa Club 2.0” at a new, larger spot. Currently, they’re scouting two different locations.

October 31st marks Goa Club’s grand finale. Besides an all-star local lineup including Adiel, Eva Geist, GNMR, and Giancarlino himself, guests will be treated to a performance by house mainstay Donato Dozzy.

Originally founded in 1996 by Giancarlino as well as Pierluigi Di Filippo, Fabrizio Caccetta, the late Claudio Coccoluto, and Danilo Prioetti, Goa Club is a project born at a time when electronic music had little presence in Rome. The nightlife destination is famous for its intimate vibe and high-end sound system.

More information on Goa Club’s grand finale events is available on their Resident Advisor page.

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