A New Book, Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź, Chronicles Polish Techno Parades

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Polish author Bartłomiej Kluska has released a new book titled Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź.

In his book, Kluska details Parada Wolności (“Freedom Parade” in English). The event began as a techno music festival in 1996 called New Alcatraz Welcome Back Party in the city of Łódź. In the inaugural year, about 4,000 people attended the parade. In 2002, the last time it took place, attendance had jumped up to 25,000.

After operating for six years, the parade was eventually shut down by Łódź’ conservative mayor, Jerzy Kropiwnicki. The decision was met with backlash from the community as the fire department gave its approval and all the proper paperwork was filed.

The book goes into greater detail about the event series and includes interviews with DJs and promoters who attended. It also includes Kluska’s own recollections and stories along with press cuttings advertisements.

Łódź’ Freedom Parades made it a hub of many musical subcultures in the ’90s such as drum and bass, breaks and happy hardcore. Kluska describes the event as a “phenomenon, both musical and cultural, which had great power to connect, but also to divide – not only the inhabitants of Łódź.”

Purchase Technowulkan – Freedom Parades In Łódź via the Księży Młyn website.

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