Spiking Awareness Advocate Launches Petition Amid Wave of UK Nightclub Injections

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I’ve Been Spiked founder Mair Howells has launched a Change.org petition to address an alarming rise in drink spiking in the U.K.

After being spiked herself in February 2020, Howells created I’ve Been Spiked as a safe space and resource for victims of drink spiking (the act of slipping drugs into someone’s drink without their consent). She uses her platform to raise awareness around the issue and provides venus with informative posters on how to help victims and prevent further incidents.

I've Been Spiked poster

Through her campaigning, Howells has noticed a steady rise in spikings since the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s also received reports of another disturbing trend: injecting clubgoers in the back. “Post lockdown I have seen a drastic increase in spiking, including more sinister methods of administration such as via injection,” she writes in the call to action.

In her petition, Howells calls for the U.K. government to require bars, clubs, and pubs to enact precautions to prevent incidents, provide testing supplies to patrons, and provide care for victims. It also calls for more accessible education around the topic.

If you have been a victim of drink spiking and want to share your story with I’ve Been Spiked, follow this link.

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