Mike Parker Releases Spacey, Hypnotic Techno EP, Bleepazoid

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Hypnotic Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Lower tempos and breathing room might not be in high demand in the current techno market, but Bleepazoid by Mike Parker challenges that paradigm. With his full EP debut on Kynant Records, Parker dispatches a fresh supply of psychedelic soundscapes that don’t shy away from experimentation.

Mayhem ensues off the bat as the the exquisite “Heat Inducer” opens the release with saturated cymbal work and a delayed clap over the the rising bass line. Its metamorphosis from a low-key introductory elements to the highlight of the arrangement comes about through clever modulation and filtering. As the bass line develops through repetition, the atmosphere builds itself through reverberation in the alarm-like synths and expert drum work.

“Bleepazoid (Part 1)” brings the energy down with a lower tempo, still very much focused on modular synthesis and off-time repetition. The star of the show remains the acid-tinged synth work, but the cadences and pauses between leave plenty of room to take it all in. “Bleepazoid (Part 2)” flips that notion on its head, trading in the upfront synth lines for a deep and full-bodied, yet subdued ambience elevated by a dark and broody lead and rumbling kick drums.

The EP closer, “Kinetic Statues,” mirrors that sentiment. It retains all the deep elements of the previous track and ties in a low tempo and jarring bass elements that feel like the culmination of all of Bleepazoid‘s offerings. A cheeky sub sweep adds to the subtlety of the groove, but “Kinetic Statues” feels more about introspection and reflection than dance floor presence.

A compelling Kynant Records debut, Mike Parker’s Bleepazoid serves as a reminder that experimentation can provide truly stunning results. Parker’s signature sound is more than evident on the release, and Bleepazoid furthers an already impressive catalogue in the producer’s next chapter.

Bleepazoid is available for purchase in digital and 12-inch vinyl record format via Kynant Records Bandcamp.

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