James Ruskin, Planetary Assault Systems Feature on Truncate EP, First Phase

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Los Angeles DJ and producer Truncate has celebrated the 10th anniversary of his eponymous record imprint with the release of a techno EP titled First Phase. With the help of techno royalty James Ruskin and Luke Slater (A.K.A. Planetary Assault Systems), the effort delivers two original Truncate works alongside an array of remixes.

First Phase‘s namesake track sees Truncate experiment with a hypnotic, shuffling sound as the tune progresses through a percussion-driven rhythm laced with a morphing, siren-like synth and jarring toms at the base of the groove. Planetary Assault Systems serves up three unique remixes of the original, taking the percussion even further on his first rendition with intricate drum work and precision shakers.

The first of two “PAS Jams” dials back that drum work to give way to arpeggiated synths in a higher register, as a rolling, reverberated accent synth gives an eerie ambiance to this space-age rework. The second takes the concept even deeper, retaining focus on the arpeggios in a more subdued fashion that emphasizes the low end of the frequency spectrum. The groovy rhythm remains throughout each of Planetary Assault System’s offerings, but every one of his remixes is characterized by a sound all its own.

“The Eve” takes an acid approach, with Truncate’s original still focused on the drum work courtesy of rolling toms and syncopated 909 claps. The hypnotic melodies instill an anxious atmosphere, suiting the track well for peak-time selection. James Ruskin serves a more powerful kick drum to underscore the groove, taking “The Eve” to new heights with a jarring and boisterous remix that puts the stereo field to the test.

Truncate’s First Phase is a testament to the strength of his own imprint, and a pure reflection of the reason he’s become a respected techno act over the years.

First Phase is available for purchase in digital and limited splash color 12-inch vinyl record format via Truncate Bandcamp.

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