b.mod’s Techno EP, Colombre, Lands on Liberta Records

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Glasgow-based techno producer and DJ b.mod has made his Liberta Records debut with a techno EP titled Colombre. The Italian native has delivered a diverse and exciting expansion on his sound with three groovy, rhythmic offerings.

The title track opens the release, serving up an unsettling noir atmosphere spearheaded by modulated synth work and saturated percussion. The tension builds to a crescendo midway through the arrangement as the energy waxes and wanes through delay and reverb. “Funk Dealer” provides even more of a groove through a tastefully simplistic bass line that acts nearly percussive, and subdued synth accents drive the track forward alongside cheeky hi-hats and a skillfully processed vocal sample.

Playing Colombre out, “System Reboot” highlights percussion even further with its rolling toms and shakers, while a synth stab jabs its way to a future-forward vocal sample right at the track’s peak. Cleverly placed cymbals and claps give the song a syncopated groove, as b.mod continues to morph the synths and vocal samples to keep things fresh. The playful final track rounds out the stunning Colombre in a memorable fashion.

Already cementing himself as a rising name in techno with three striking Animal Farm releases, Colombre expands b.mod’s repertoire with a more rigid, experimental sound on his Liberta debut. The EP can be purchased in digital format via Liberta Records Bandcamp.

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