LALAL.AI’s Latest Update can Isolate Instrument Stems from Audio or Video Files

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Software, Tech | 0 comments

The latest update of LALAL.AI brings a brand-new feature to the software that allows the isolation of drums, bass, piano and other instruments from any file.

LALAL.AI’s innovative approach to stem separation is still the same: the user simply drags and drops the audio or video file on the page and the software outputs high-quality audio, separating the instrumental and acapellas from songs seamlessly.  Vocals and full instrumentals can still be isolated using LALAL.AI’s Casseiopia neural network that continuously improves its technology with every file upload.

Cassiopeia “is trained on 20TB of data to extract instrumentals and voice tracks from songs.” Three settings for processing files are now available – mild, normal and aggressive. Each setting determines how LALAL.AI processes the files, using its prior knowledge to scrub unwanted artifacts and digital remnants from each stem.

Three paid tiers are also available in LALAL.AI with more features, longer time and larger upload limits. The free tier allows 10 minutes of upload time; the entry-level Lite tier starts at $10 and provides 10 uploaded tracks or 90 minutes of audio. The $20 Professional plan (normally $30) provides 30 input tracks and 500 total minutes.  Business plan pricing is also available for larger data processing, starting at $1000/month for 10,000 minutes. 

The new instrument isolation update, like all of LALAL.AI’s isolation services, is available at no charge to any tier of user. Find more information and try out the AI-powered technology on the LALAL.AI website. 

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