DJ Equipment Prices Skyrocket as Suppliers Face Dwindling Supply

by | Sep 29, 2021 | DJ Gear, Tech | 0 comments

DJs hoping to purchase new equipment might be in for sticker shock as prices soar and supplies drop.

A recent report from DJ Tech Tools delved into why DJ equipment is so hard to come by these days, citing factors such as inflation, cost of labor, and more.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt global supply chains, the prices of simple components such as audio cables have gone up. Factors such as forced lockdowns and a decreased labor pool have made raw materials like copper (commonly used for audio cables) much more expensive and hard to come by. Within the last year, the price of raw copper has nearly doubled according to research from Macrotrends.

DJ Tech Tools‘ report also cites overbooked ocean freight as a factor. The U.S. side of things is no better, with ports experiencing unheard levels of congestion.

The article quotes Kent Qi, a contributor to the Brilliant Group Logistics newsletter, as saying, “The extraordinary congestion seen at American’s main two West Coast ports is far worse than the port lockout days of 2002 and 2004.” This backup results in higher prices due to companies paying a premium for guaranteed space on a ship as well as paying air freight prices to ensure timely delivery.

One of the largest factors appears to be the ongoing semiconductor shortage.  According to Reuters, it is predicted to last well into 2022.

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