Crystal Geometry Returns to Sonic Groove Records with Industrial Techno LP, Distressing Visions

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September 13th marked the release of Crystal Geometry‘s second studio-length album on Adam X‘s Sonic Groove Records. The ten tracks comprising Distressing Visions are a just fit for the tenured label’s techno and industrial focus. The LP is available in digital and vinyl format.

Singles like “The Seer” and “The Threshold” fall closer to the industrial end of the spectrum compared to techno-leaning cuts like “Elektroshoker” and “Guillotine.” Sprinkled in between are tracklist entries that don’t fit neatly into either genre. From the stuttered vocals and fast pace of “Praxis” to the distorted guitar samples in “Ideologies Ablaze,” the LP showcases a versatile sound signature.

Who is Crystal Geometry?

Crystal Geometry (real name Maxime Fabre) draws upon decades of experience in not only rave and industrial but also punk and metal to yield a style rooted in multiple musical worlds. Perhaps owing to his background, his performances lean heavily on the use of modular synthesizers and other live elements.

Since launching the project in 2016, Fabre has released on labels like Area ZRND. Records and Sacred Court. In that time he has delivered four studio-length albums – including 2020’s Senestre, his Sonic Groove Records debut.

Distressing Visions is available for purchase in both digital and double 12-inch vinyl record format via Sonic Groove Records Bandcamp.

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