Akai Professional Releases MPC Studio Controller and MPC2 Production Software

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Hardware, Software, Tech | 0 comments

The MPC Studio and MPC2 desktop software are the latest additions to Akai Professional‘s environment of controllers and sequencers. The combination of controller and software into one system marks Akai’s venture into workflow solutions for both beginner and experienced musicians.

MPC Studio

The MPC Studio drum pad controller provides all the controls the bigger MPC One carries along with much more. A small, full-color OLED display replaces the 7″ screen, showing need-to-know items such as presets, files parameters and track names.

16 RGB-backlit and pressure-sensitive pads allow recording of patterns, loops and chords. A touch strip allows realtime control of functions like pitch, modulation and note repeat. The touch strip is also assignable to control many other MIDI parameters in and out of the DAW system.

MPC2 Software

The MPC2 desktop software works as the main operating system of the MPC Studio environment. Available for PC and Mac computers, the program works standalone or as a VST within other host DAWs.

MPC2 features audio sampling, MIDI sequencing, arranging and swing/quantization. Akai’s latest plugin updates make appearances in the MPC2 Environment: The AIR Hype Plugin Synthesizer, Mellotron and Solina. WayOutWare‘s virtual rendition of ARP InstrumentsOddyssey is also part of the virtual library.

AIR Vocal Insert Effects Plugin Suite is included as well, offering tuning, pitch correction, doubling and time-stretching.

The MPC Studio and MPC2 Production suite are available now for $269. Find more information on the Akai Professional website.

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