Traxman Returns to Moveltraxx with Freaky Brotha EP

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Footwork, Ghetto House, Heritage Artists, Techno | 0 comments

Traxman has once again brought his eclectic musings to French label Moveltraxx. His four-track Freaky Brotha EP released on September 24th in digital format.

The title track sees Traxman build a ghetto house soundscape around Richard Groove‘s vocal before the juke stylings of “Take Dat Wig Off.” “West Grimy” follows with a danceable take on techno, and those who purchase the effort via Bandcamp are afforded a bonus track titled “Ya Betta Work.”

Traxman Revisited

Traxman (real name Cornelius Ferguson) is one of the artists most closely associated with juke and footwork, alongside RP BooDJ Clent and the late DJ Rashad. His credentials extend further back than that, though. He first cut his teeth as a DJ in Chicago in the early ’80s and is often credited as one of the first to play Italo disco.

Earlier in 2021, Ferguson released a ghetto house-focused album titled TRAXMAN The Return of Ghetto House TrackzShortly thereafter, he led masterclasses for an online music camp called Chicago Footworkology.

Stream or download the Freaky Brotha EP across platforms here.

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