Ambient Meets Techno on Nous’klaer Audio Summer Sampler ’21

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In fall 2013, Nous’klaer Audio inaugurated with an EP by Mattheis. Eight years and 50 releases later, the refinement of the Rotterdam Label’s sound is evident in its upcoming compilation, Nous’klaer Audio Summer Sampler ’21. It releases in digital and vinyl record format September 24th.

The eight-song effort straddles the wide range between techno and ambient without settling on the more accessible sounds between. From Djoser‘s psychedelic “Faded Red” to Raff‘s suspenseful “Yeye” to the wobble bass of “Extrakt” by Konduku, a diverse signature style is encapsulated in the compilation.

About Nous’klaer Audio

Mattheis (real name Matthijs Verschuure) offered up the debut Nous’klaer Audio release: the three-track Isms EP. Verschuure has released on the label nearly a dozen times since, most recently with his and Amandra‘s ambient and drone-leaning February album, Lettre Ouverte.

Among the other artists afforded a platform by the imprint are live musician-scientist Paul Twin, pop/electronic outfit Meetsysteem, and former De School resident Tammo. Of the contributors to the upcoming compilation, Konduku, Oceanic and Pugilist stand out as notable label regulars.

Nous’klaer Audio Summer Sampler ’21 is available for pre-order in digital and 2×12-inch vinyl record format via Nous’klaer Audio Bandcamp.

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