UK Government Walks Back Vaccine Passport Requirement Warnings for Nightclubs

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Industry, News, Stories | 0 comments

Only days after the U.K. government announced its decision to do away with requiring COVID-19 vaccine passports for entry into England’s nightclubs — an order set to go into effect in late September — they’ve now warned that the requirement could be reimplemented with just one week’s notice.

As part of a “Plan B” system the government is proposing in its COVID-19: Autumn & Winter Plan, the passport requirement is contingent on how many positive COVID-19 cases are reported in the coming months. Should infections surge once again, the U.K. will put its Plan B into effect and thus require nightclub attendees to present their COVID passports upon entry.

Those without proof of vaccination would be barred from entering not only nightclubs, but all indoor spaces with more than 500 attendees, outdoor events with more than 4,000 attendees, and events in any setting with over 10,000 people in attendance.

With the back-and-forth policy decisions in the last few days, club owners and promoters are being asked to come up with contingency plans should the government’s Plan B come into effect. The plan will not only require the presentation of vaccine passports, but public mask wearing and recommendations for employers to shift back into work-from-home policies where possible.

Elsewhere in the U.K., Scotland will have its own passport scheme introduced beginning October 1st, following suit with such European nations as France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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