Independent Leeds Radio Station alto radio Launches Fundraiser for Studio Site

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

A new Leeds-based independent radio station, alto radio, is seeking to secure funds for a studio site. To date, all of alto’s broadcasts have been recorded remotely. The radio station is now seeking a fixed location for its broadcasts and has launched a crowdsourcing effort to secure a home base for its team in Leeds.

“Like a lot of recent projects, alto radio is the product of lockdown. Founded by friends Owen and Tom, we had thrown the idea around for some time but managed to have a serious think about how this could become a reality during the summer of 2020,” the alto team shared in a statement on the JustGiving fundraiser page. “We managed to set the station up using freeware, an old laptop, and an inconsistent North Leeds broadband connection.”

“We are a long way into achieving our goal already, as we have secured a space at Testbed,” the statement continues. “We have a space in the offices at the front of what will become a new, large-scale event space for Leeds. Our challenge is to turn said space into a sustainable, accessible, fully-functioning studio. This means fitting out the room with all necessary equipment, furniture, fixings, branding, and a new station computer.”

alto radio’s goal is to raise £3,500 for the studio space. It has already reached over 50% of that goal since the station’s launch in October 2020.

“Your help is hugely appreciated, big or small,” the statement reads. “If you are able to help, you would be part of not just our success story, but for the creative community of Leeds as a whole.”

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