25-Year-Old Woman Dies After Attending Suicide Club Berlin

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A 25-year-old Irish woman passed away from a suspected drug overdose on Wednesday after attending Suicide Club Berlin. The Friedrichshain venue will remain closed next weekend “out of respect and piety” for the deceased.

First reported in B.Z. and confirmed by T-Online, the Berlin fire brigade responded to a cardiac arrest call at the club around 3:53 AM. Upon arrival they revived the woman and brought her to a hospital in Lichtenberg where she died on Wednesday.

Security guards who spoke to B.Z. suspect that the woman took GHB. The police have begun an investigation to find information on who had contact with her the night of the incident and determine whether criminal activity took place.

Suicide Club was founded in 1994 but relocated to Friedrichshain’s RAW compound in 2009. A disused train repair station, it was built in 1867 but reclaimed by multidisciplinary creatives. The club has played host to DJ sets by Alan OldhamBlake Baxter and Boddika over the years.

The Irish Times reports that the woman’s parents have been informed of her death and the Irish Embassy in Berlin is providing consular assistance.

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