Tresillo Enlist Iconic House Vocalist Robert Owens for “The You That’s Inside”

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Heritage Artists, House | 0 comments

Following up their debut release on Kevin Saunderson‘s KMS imprint, Tresillo have returned with a iconic house music vocalist Robert Owens in tow for a brand new single.

Owens lends his distinctive vocal stylings to “The You That’s Inside,” the latest work from Tresillo. Within the single’s release, four different mixes of the track serve as a showcase of the group’s impressive breadth of sound, combing the spectrum of house music from peak time to more melodic elements perfect for any sunrise set.

Kicking things off with the original mix, “The You That’s Inside” serves an epic string-driven groove that floats wonderfully atop Owens’ soulful blend of spoken word verses and soaring vocal melodies. The “Epic Mix” delivers on its name, elevating the single with an entrancing arpeggio that fills the gap between syncopated synth stabs.

A more dance floor-oriented vibe moves to center stage in the “Straight Up Mix,” bringing with it a rolling groove that trades the previous mix’s oscillating arpeggio for a more focused version suited for peak time in a dimly lit club. To round the release out, a “Sunrise Mix” phases out many of the percussive elements of “The You That’s Inside,” centering itself on Owens’ vocal work and airy pads that make it not only a fitting closer for the release, but for any afterparty DJ set.

Tresillo and Robert Owens’ “The You That’s Inside” is slated for release on September 17th.

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