Primal Scream Unearth Andrew Weatherall Remix of Screamadelica Single

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Primal Scream have dug into their archives to bring Andrew Weatherall‘s take on “Shine Like Stars” to light. It teases a forthcoming slate of releases celebrating the 30th anniversary of their seminal album, Screamadelica—of which the single was a part

The band and the late producer shared a symbiotic relationship. Screamdelica marked Weatherall’s first go leading production duties in a major studio work. In turn, Weatherall’s idiosyncratic fusion of electronic music and the band’s rock sonics drove the album’s critical acclaim. The finished project pushed both acts into the mainstream as a result.

Screamadelica‘s commemorative release series comes in three parts. Andrew Weatherall’s newly debuted rework appears in a 12-inch vinyl box set of album singles and remixes, out September 17th. A double-vinyl picture disc will also be released. Finally, Demodelica arrives on October 15th with a series of early LP demos.

“Shine Like Stars” is the third track to receive Weatherall remix treatment. He also took on two other Screamadelica singles, “Dont Fight It, Feel It,” and “Loaded.”

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