Georgina Cook Crowdfunding New Book, “Drumz of The South: The Dubstep Years (2004-2007)”

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A new photo book highlighting the formative years of dubstep in the U.K. is on the way from Georgina Cook. The artist and photographer has launched a crowdfunding campaign to get Drumz of The South: The Dubstep Years (2004-2007) printed.

Inspired by Cook’s Drumz of The South blog, the 220-page book features over 150 photos she captured over the course of three years in which dubstep began to take shape in the U.K. Burial, SkreamLoafah, and many other artists are featured in the images, performing at iconic U.K. clubs like DMZ and Skull Disco, as well as the FWD>> parties (pictured above).

“The book has been an idea in my head for a really long time,” Cook told Crack Magazine. “I think the first iterations of it were back in 2008 or 2009, when I was studying fine art at Croydon College. Over the years, I’ve sat down, tried laying the book out, done various sequences on various walls of various studios that I’ve had, but it’s never gone any further than that.”

“In the past year, I really started to take the idea of doing a book seriously,” she continued. “I think that was partly because I turned 40! That really made me think about what my priorities are in my life, but also my creative life. This book was the one project where I was like, ‘I’ll be really unhappy if I don’t make this.’”

Cook plans to fulfill orders for Drumz of the South: The Dubstep Years in December, should the crowdfunding goal of £20,000 be reached by then. If the fundraiser exceeds that amount, additional copies of the book will be printed, and a special celebratory in-person event will be held.

To contribute to the crowdfunding effort, see the official Kickstarter page.


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