Fundraiser Launched for The Secret DJ after COVID-19 Hospitalization

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The Secret DJ‘s management team set up a GoFundMe campaign to cover his medical bills after his battle with COVID-19.

According to the page, he was airlifted from Ibiza to an ICU in Majorca after contracting the virus a second time. “He spent two weeks on a ventilator in an induced coma, also suffering bronchitis, pneumonia, MRSI and at one point even flatlining,” the team writes. “The good news is that he survived – but with lung damage, loss of nearly a third of body mass, a large hospital bill and a lengthy forthcoming period of convalescence and physiotherapy.”

As the author of The Secret DJ and The Secret DJ: Book Two, the anonymous disc jockey and writer recounts debaucherous behind-the-scenes stories from his time in electronic music. He also uses his platform as a voice for activism, speaking out against bad business practices. Most recently, he penned a letter speaking out against “plague raves DJs” who accept work in the middle of the pandemic. “If you stop now, you will help end it sooner. And the sooner it ends, the sooner we can ALL dance together again,” he wrote.

So, who is The Secret DJ? Little is confirmed about his identity beyond that he began his career as a disc jockey in the U.K. in the late ’80s. This positioned him at the center of the acid house explosion, affording him opportunities to tour globally.

“Please support one of the good guys in our scene while he gets back on his feet and back to what he does best – DJing, making music, writing, and generally being the onion in the custard for an industry that, more than ever, needs to be loudly held to account,” his management team closed out.

To support The Secret DJ’s recovery or find additional information on the fundraiser, head over to his Gofundme page.


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