OXI Garten in Berlin Shut Down Following Noise Complaints

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Stories, Venue | 0 comments

Berlin open air club OXI Garten has been forced to discontinue operations following a series of noise complaints. It will remain closed until August at the earliest at the behest of the Umweltamt, or environmental authority.

According to a statement shared via OXI Garten’s social media channels, the complaints came from “a small but vocal minority of neighbors.” They claim authorities confiscated their permit even though they took out a six-figure loan for noise control and technical permits, and despite their efforts to obtain express approval ahead of each event.

“We are currently fighting back, but we need to prioritize the safety of our staff and guests until we have a rock solid legal solution,” reads the statement. “Otherwise, bureaucrats in Lichtenberg and the police will continue to aid and abet these neighbors by finding new pretext to harass us.”

It continues: “Authorities who have lauded themselves as the saviors of club culture have not helped us in any way and only paid lip service. This is threatening everything that our team has worked on and achieved with blood sweat and tears since first opening our doors during arguably at the worst possible time for opening a new club.”

OXI Garten began hosting events in May 2020, when emergency COVID-19 restrictions forced organizers to adapt by operating as outdoor beer gardens. In addition to billing artists like Dr. RubinsteinDaniel WangMor Elian and FJAAK, the club serves food among its refreshments.

The OXI Garten team plan to appeal the Umweltamt decision. If successful, they could reopen in September at the earliest.

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