Alex Paterson of The Orb Announces Industrial Techno Album, Enter The Kettle

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Alex Paterson‘s rekindled relationship with industrial techno is set to bear fruit this fall. Best known for cofounding English ambient house forerunner The Orb, he has now formed a project called OSS (On Some Shit) alongside longtime friend Fil Le Gonidec. Their upcoming album, Enter The Kettle, arrives by way of The Orb’s Orbscure label in digital, vinyl and CD format November 19th.

Paterson and Le Gonidec have shared the single “Whippersnapper” ahead of the release. Full of hardware sounds, it goes heavier on techno than industrial with novel changes and no vocals. If the lead single serves as any indicator, the OSS sound will live in a lane of its own.

Paterson launched The Orb alongside Jimmy Cauty of The KLF in 1988. The Orb’s 1991 debut album, The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, served as the blueprint for their signature ambient house sound. They followed it up with their most commercially successful effort, U.F.Orb, the following year.

Prior to that, Paterson and Le Gonidic roadied for English rock band Killing Joke. As noted by Mixmag, Le Gonidic went on to perform with The Orb in addition to contributing to releases like FFWD, Orbus Terrarum, Bicycles & Tricycles, Orblivion, and Orbsessions Volume 1.

Preorder Enter The Kettle by OSS in digital, vinyl and CD format here.

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