Operator Explores Techno as Artful Noise in Theurgy EP via Mord

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Hard Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Techno has long offered a case study of how music can tell a story through unconventional methods. Operator‘s latest release sits in the far fringes of this already obscure aesthetic. The 10-song Theurgy EP released on Mord in digital and vinyl record format on July 12th.

Tracks like “Proxima B” and “Apex Cut” are about as melodic as the EP gets, with the abrasive textures of “Complex Raid 2089” and “Arcturus” encapsulating more challenging concepts. Perhaps the standout of the EP is “Century Station.” Hinging around samples of a train horn, the single demonstrates the sonic appeal of urban noise a la Luigi Russolo.

Operator is the alias of South Coast U.K. DJ and producer Rich Jones, who launched the project nearly a decade ago. Since then, labels like MindTripAudio Assault and Soma Records have provided a platform for his music. He additionally runs his own imprint, Gnosis Records.

The Theurgy EP is available for purchase in digital and 12-inch vinyl record format via Mord Bandcamp.

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