Akai 2.10 Update For MPC Series Introduces 14 New Plugins

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Akai has released a new update for its latest MPC series. MPC 2.10 Features Update brings new instruments and effects as well as introducing the new Air Vocal Insert Effect Suite.

The update also includes add drum and keygroup improvements and USB class-compliant audio interface support. Below are a few notable additions to the 14 new plugins included in the new update.

MPC 2.10 AIR Vocal Suite

The MPC Vocal Suite gives users access to plugins that “produce the perfect recordings” with tools catered to contemporary vocal processing. The AIR Vocal tuner corrects pitch or does “robotic-style” effects, while the AIR Harmonizer creates four-part harmonies. The Doubler creates unique dimension, width, stereo separation and centering on vocals.

AIR Hype Synthesizer Plugin Instrument

AIR Hype works as a multiple-engine plugin with options for FM, Wavetable, Virtual Analog and “Sampled” synthesis. Over 1,500 presets and traditional effects like Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Compressor are included.

AIR Half Speed

Time and pitch manipulation is at the core of the AIR Half Speed. Simply add any audio loop or sample through the plugin for pitched-down, modern effects.

AIR Mellotron, AIR Oddysey and AIR Solina

The AIR Mellotron is the iconic classic Rock tape sampler upgraded with newer parameters and presets like Flutter and Noise, adding more character to the classic sound. WayOutWare reworked ARP Instruments‘ flagship product in virtual form with 150 new presets to choose from.

The Solina is based on the six-timbre polyphonic keyboard, also with newer effects added like Reverb, Delay, and Chorus.

AIR DrumSynth, AIR Electric and Bassline

The AIR DrumSynth and AIR Bassline provide modeling and sound design for synthesized drum sounds and monophonic bass lines. The AIR Electric piano provides pickup, envelope, noise and bell settings for making pad and synth tones.

The MPC 2.10 update is available now for users of MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live II, MPC X and MPC2 Desktop, free of charge. Find more information about the Akai 2.10 Features Update on the Akai Professional website.

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