MØLLER Releases Modular Minimal Techno EP, Audio Operator

by | Jul 16, 2021 | Minimal Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Little has been made public about the producer who goes by MØLLER. What’s known so far is that he’s Greek, favors analogue synthesizers, and purports to release exclusively on Lost Episodes and Be As One Imprint. The artist’s debut EP, Audio Operator [BAOX12], arrived by way of the latter label’s exclusive roster in digital format on July 1st.

MØLLER’s penchant for modular synthesis translates into a tasteful flavor of minimal techno in tracks like “Hyper Connection” and “High Voltage.” Meanwhile, “In The Chaos” accomplishes about as much but breaks up the repetition with a dissonant flourish sure to elicit crowd response during a DJ set. “The Man With No Face” brings a measure of funk to the EP, which closes out with the ominous, experimental tension of “UFO Coming.”

Israeli DJ and producer Shlomi Aber founded Be As One Imprint in Tel Aviv in 2006, but it is now headquartered in Barcelona. In 2017 he launched Lost Episodes – the other label on which MØLLER is an exclusive artist, according to his Instagram bio.

In addition to Aber’s own music, Be As One has given a home to over 100 releases by the likes of DJ RolandoDeetronMoggli and Mark Broom. Lost Episodes, on the other hand, has only put out a handful of EPs: one by Aber, and three others by VILSuicide In Paradise, and DisX3.

Purchase Audio Operator in digital format via Be As One Imprint Bandcamp.

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