Jeff Mills’ Zanza 21 Project to Release 12″ EP, When The Time Is Right

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Electronic Jazz, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Jeff Mills‘ explorative new project Zanza 21 is readying a new 12-inch EP for release.

The end goal of Mills’ ambitious new project is to produce “everyday music” — songs that provide comfort and enjoyment in any scenario — through live instrumentation and a laid-back, unprocessed approach. Pairing a lifelong love of jazz with his constant inclination to explore new soundscapes, Zanza 21’s initial iteration will be instrumentation programmed and played by the producer himself.

Mills’ vision for the project extends far beyond that, however. The first Zanza 21 releases are meant to serve more as blueprints for the introduction of a live band down the line.

With the inclusion of live instruments, Zanza 21’s essence leans more toward a compositional approach to songwriting, rather than the electronic fare for which he is best known. It’s simultaneously a testament to Mills’ jazz roots and the realization of a desire to produce music that isn’t only meant for the dance floor.

Zanza 21’s first planned release comes in the form of a 12-inch vinyl record titled When The Time Is Right, due “soon” on Axis Records, according to a preview posted to Mills’ Facebook page. More Zanza 21 releases are also coming down the pipeline, with a second EP, Chin Tiki, due this fall, followed by a third. Mills hopes the initial releases will pave the way for implementing the live band element, which would breathe life into the concept behind Zanza 21: a human connection to the music.

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