Teenage Engineering’s OB-4 “Magic Radio” Gets New Features

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Hardware, Tech | 0 comments

Teenage Engineering has unveiled new features for their OB–4 “Magic Radio” high-fidelity loudspeaker.

The OB-4 continuously records from radio channels, allowing users to loop, rewind and timestretch up to two hours of audio. Its fully portable build comes with a LiPo battery providing 72 hours of listening time at “normal” volume. The OB-4 also features a “disk” mode, said by Teenage Engineering to be a test bed for “new experimental features.”

Below are the latest additions to the OB-4:

Beat Match Looping

On top of recording radio, the OB-4 can now analyze musical content in real time and detect the beat. As a result, the device automatically gives out a perfectly timed loop.

808 Kick Metronome

An 808-style kick drum can be used as a metronome setting in the OB4’s “disk” mode. The kick drum metronome also carries a tuning and decay feature.

Ambient mode

In its “Ambient” setting, the OB-4 can turn any audio source into a drone.

External Instrument Loop

Looping now works with external equipment through the line input of the OB-4. The above video shows a Teenage Engineering OP–Z looped and manipulated with the OB–4.

The OB-4 is available now for $649 USD. Find more information on the OB-4 on Teenage Engineering’s website.

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