CME Pro Releases The WIDI Bud Pro Bluetooth MIDI Interface

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Tech | 0 comments

CME Pro has released WIDI Bud Pro, a wireless interface they describe as “a tiny, high-performance Bluetooth MIDI super-dongle.”

The device plugs into the USB port of a computer or compatible device to deliver low latency Bluetooth MIDI.  Through automatic pairing, the device connects standard Bluetooth MIDI controllers and WIDI (Wireless MIDI) devices using BLE 5 technology.

The device also offers bi-directional transmission and reception of any MIDI message. MIDI 2.0 compatibility transmits all MIDI notes, CC, MIDI clock, long SysEx and MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) – all over the airwaves. Wireless MIDI on the device operates within a range of 65 feet without obstacles with under 3ms of low latency.

WIDI also eliminates outside interferences using smart connectivity algorithms and adaptive frequency hopping.

The virtual capability of the WIDI Bud Pro eliminates cables and connects entire MIDI setups with advanced WIDI technology. A WIDI App for Android and iOS allows users to manage more complex Bluetooth MIDI groups by adding up to five WIDI devices. Multiple groups of devices organized in the app can also run simultaneously. Two of the devices are required to pair two MIDI devices, and only one device to pair with Bluetooth MIDI.

WIDI Bud Pro is now available as pre-order for $34.50 USD (normally for $69). Shipping begins in August 2021. Find more information on WIDI Bud Pro on the CME Pro website.

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