ART21 Releases Dark Techno Compilation, Neurotwin

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July 19th marks the release date for an inspired dark techno compilation by way of Spanish label ART21Neurotwin, as it’s titled, includes music by AnimatekDavid BowmanDroneghostAnimatek and others. It will arrive in digital and vinyl format.

Preview clips point to an eclectic yet cohesive range of dark techno encapsulated on Neurotwin. “Growthh” by Vortex Count underscores corrosive textures with a syncopated beat, whereas the cavernous kick drums of “Nyquist” by Translate usher in a robotic, dissonant lead. “Black Cat” by Animatek offers an especially novel mix of elements as well as a practical measure of dance floor utility.

In addition to the seven songs comprising the vinyl release, five bonus tracks will appear on the digital version. All but one – “Copy Waiter” by After Disaster – were contributed by artists already featured on the physical copy.

The Neurotwin Project

ART21, which has released electronic music compilations since 2018, touch on the inspirations behind the effort in its description. The Neurotwin project, they write, is an international collaboration in which researchers create virtual replicas of the brain to treat diseases like epilepsy, schizophrenia and Alzheimers.

“[Electrical stimulation], which has already been shown to be effective in modifying the activity of the cerebral cortex, is today a weapon of general intervention,” it reads. “Converting it to precision requires the development of individualized and predictive brain models that allow identifying where and how much to stimulate each patient.”

In a curious departure from its academic tone, the description ends with an Alfred Hitchcock quote: “Never turn your back on a friend.”

Neurotwin is available for pre-order in both digital and vinyl format via ART21 Bandcamp.

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