Greek Techno Explored on MOREGENRES Compilation, Overcoming Moral Chaos

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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Greek label MOREGENRES has committed the works of several of the country’s techno producers to vinyl. Overcoming Moral Chaos [MRGNRSVA01] released June 18th. It consists of seven tracks that test the limits of techno while borrowing from adjacent styles.

“Cosmologue” by DJ Loser and “Chains In My Feet” by Simos Ares exemplify the fast-paced brand of techno popular in the far fringes of the underground as of late. “Arfara” by Jokasti & Neks clocks in at a more accessible BPM, with “Arthour” by Nemmett vaguely hinting at industrial. “Flash E” by Bonebrokk, meanwhile, stands out as the most experimental offering at a breakneck 200 BPM.

Based in Athens, MOREGENRES has tasked itself with giving a home to sonically diverse electronic music by lesser-known artists. Overcoming Moral Chaos marks their debut record; they have yet to announce subsequent releases at the time of writing.

Overcoming Moral Chaos is available for purchase in both digital and vinyl format via MOREGENRES Bandcamp.

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