Makuto Releases Techno EP, Invisible, with Truncate Remix

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Makuto has continued to refine his style of techno as evidenced by his latest release. Invisible arrived by way of his own Arketip Discs in digital and vinyl format on May 21st. The EP consists of four tracks, one of which is a remix by Truncate.

The effort kicks off with “Foscor,” most notable for gradual yet distinct changes which blend seemingly clashing motifs. The title track follows with raised energy and dissonant chords, all of which taper off to allow a DJ ample mixing runway by the end. “Pulsació 101,” meanwhile, stands out as the most atmospheric track of the EP, which closes out with Truncate’s more upbeat remix.

Who is Makuto?

Hailing from Terrassa, Spain, Makuto (whose only other listed name is “DMC”) inaugurated his project with a 2018 EP titled Vallparadís. After the more house-leaning effort, which included a remix by Eduardo de la Calle, he honed in on a visceral style of techno with 2019’s Pinya Àcida, on which a Stefan Vincent remix appeared.

Thus far, Arketip Discs has served only as a platform for the three aforementioned efforts. Makuto has not announced plans to release EPs or albums by other artists at the time of writing.

Purchase Invisible in digital or 12-inch vinyl record format via Arketip Discs Bandcamp.

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