House Music DJ and Producer Elbee Bad Has Died

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Obituary, Stories | 0 comments

Berlin-based producer and DJ Elbee Bad (real name Lamont Booker) has passed away. The house music veteran was reportedly found dead in his bed on Wednesday, June 2nd by his roommate, rapper INFIDELIX.

“This guy was an absolute legend loved by so many people,” said INFIDELIX in a Facebook post. “He was inspiring, care free, and made amazing music. His ideas and thoughts and memories will carry onto many people for a very very long time. I promise Elbee’s journey is not finished yet.”

Booker was a pioneering producer from New York City who also recorded under aliases LB Bad, Lord KCB, The Prince of Dance Music, and The Voodoo Man. A trained musician for over 20 years, he played bass guitar, lead guitar, and drums. Booker also performed live vocals and rap verses during his three-turntable DJ sets. His “Wow What’s That!” show on Kiss FM Berlin ran for four years after he relocated to the German capital city.

Elbee Bad’s compilation, The True Story Of Dance Music, was released via Rush Hour in 2012. It featured some of Booker’s most prolific works, including “The New Age Of Faith,” “Just Don’t Stop The Dance,” and “New Age House.”

News of Booker’s passing comes shortly after he was wrongfully reported dead, following confusion surrounding his apparent retirement only two months ago.


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