Laurent Garnier and Psychedelic Rock Duo The Limiñanas to Release Collaborative Album

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Heritage Artists | 0 comments

French techno figurehead Laurent Garnier has stepped outside of his norm for a collaborative album with a psychedelic rock duo.

The team-up, with French duo The Limiñanas, comes four years after Garnier brought them out to perform at Festival Yeah! in the south of France. Two singles, titled “Saul” and “Que Calor!” from the forthcoming collaborative album, De Película, have already been released.

A departure from Garnier’s typical driving techno rhythms, the album takes a more experimental approach that still highlights the producer’s style while allowing The Limiñanas distinctive sound to shine through. The two singles hint at an obviously psychedelic, yet groovy palate for De Película that will explore new avenues for both artists.

“I didn’t want to make a track with a techno beat,” Garnier said of the forthcoming LP. “It really didn’t have a place on this album I thought. Lionel had put a few in and I cleared all that out. I wanted to stay within the Limiñanas world, rather than bring them crashing into techno-land.”

In 2018, Garnier produced a decidedly more techno-oriented remix of The Limiñanas track “Dimanche” featuring Bertrand Belin.

De Película is slated release on September 10th, 2021 via the Because Music imprint.

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