Exium Release Low-pressure discharge EP on PoleGroup

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Returning to their sound of old for a release via their own PoleGroup imprint are Spanish duo Exium. Four brutalist hard techno cuts appear on the Low-pressure discharge EP. It arrived May 14th in digital and vinyl record format.

According to a description, the Low-pressure discharge EP sees Exium make “a sort of comeback to their primitive roots.” Of the four tracks, “Cyclotron” is the only one whose warped melodies and granite-like textures aren’t underscored by a syncopated beat. The effort closes out with the title track, whose lower tempo and percussive swing at once hint at both industrial and electro.

Exium Revisited

A creative union between producer/DJs Valentín Corujo and Héctor Sandoval, Exium have maintained a consistent output since they started the project in 1999. Over the years their music has landed on labels like SunnNheomaPlanet Rhythm and Pole Recordings.

In 2010, the latter label – founded by Oscar Mulero – rebranded as PoleGroup, with artists Reeko and Christian Wunsch as well as Corujo and Sandoval themselves joining as partners. In the years since, it has championed releases by the likes of Jonas KoppTensalPerc and Developer.

Purchase the Low-pressure discharge EP in both digital and 12-inch vinyl record format via PoleGroup Bandcamp.

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