Ecilo Lands on Diffuse Reality with Techno Album, Lost In The Abbys

by | May 17, 2021 | Dark Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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After five years of varied musical offerings, rising Indonesian techno producer Ecilo has delivered his first longform work. Lost In The Abbys consists of ten dark techno tracks, two of which are remixes by Kaylah and Solarmental. It released on Diffuse Reality Records in digital and CD format May 5th.

From the stoic leads synths of “Abbys Note” to the reverb echo of “Dubroom” to the dissonant suspense of “Interval Paradox,” Ecilo flexes his range as a producer in his debut studio-length effort. Kaylah raises the tempo and adds borderline industrial atmospheres in her remix of “Necromancer,” and Solarmental’s rendition of “Dubroom” perhaps lives up to the title even more than the original.

Elusive Ecilo

Reza Putra Ananda first got involved with electronic music in 2008, adopting the Ecilo moniker relatively recently. Although now focused on techno, his diverse tastes have translated into a sonically diverse signature sound.

Thanks to milestone releases on ARTSPlanet Rhythm, and We Are The Brave, Ananda has grown to be a mainstay of the modern techno landscape. The past few years have seen him partner with some of the genre’s early pioneers. He has collaborated on numerous releases with Detroit techno innovator Thomas Barnett, and his June album, Uncovert, will arrive by way of second-wave figurehead Jeff Mills‘ Axis Records.

Lost In The Abbys is available for purchase in both digital and CD format via Diffuse Reality Records Bandcamp.

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