Up to 50K People Could Attend Glastonbury in September

by | May 11, 2021 | Event, Stories | 0 comments

Glastonbury Festival organizers Michael and Emily Eavis are hopeful that the event will be allowed to move forward at a large capacity this September.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of 2020’s Glastonbury event, the Eavises submitted a plan for 2021 to the local council in Mendip District, where the festival takes place at Worthy Farm every year. While a normal capacity typically allows 200,000 people to attend the festival, Glastonbury is seeking permission for up to 50,000 to attend this year’s festivities in accordance with new safety guidelines instituted by the U.K. government in light of the pandemic.

This year’s iteration of Glastonbury would see the festival only hosting one stage, the iconic Pyramid Stage, and none of the overnight camping facilities typically provided. The organizers have also made it clear that all safety measures surrounding COVID-19 would be put in place in accordance with the current pandemic regulations.

No official dates have been announced, though Michael and Emily Eavis are hopeful for a September event. The licensure request was submitted in March, and the Mendip District council will meet Wednesday, May 12th to discuss further planning.

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