Lag Delivers Two-Track Techno EP, Parter / Twitch, via KR/LF

by | May 5, 2021 | Hard Techno, Sounds, Techno | 0 comments

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KR/LF, the record label of Italian artist Kill Ref, is giving a home to another compelling hard techno release. Parter / Twitcby Serbian DJ and producer Lag consists of two tracks well suited to the imprint’s style. It releases in digital and vinyl format May 17th.

Both “Parter” and “Twitch” follow the same general formula: mind-bending broken beats with artful noise and short vocal samples ringing out overhead. In each concept it yields an at-once challenging and danceable soundscape, two permutations of the same gritty aesthetic.

Who is Lag?

Lag (real name Milos Martinov) traveled a long and winding road in music before focusing on techno. Initially drawn to punk rock, he received a formal education in classical music before finding himself enticed by the boundless potential of electronic music.

After flirting with EBM/industrial, Martinov landed on Serbian label Teskoba Recordings with “Untitled 3,” which appeared on the Eraser EP in 2009. He further refined his sound, and from 2013 on his music has been championed by the likes of MordTHEM and Singularity Recordings.

Parler / Twitch is available for pre-order in both digital and 10-inch vinyl record format via KR/LF Bandcamp.

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