Truncate and James Ruskin Team Up on 3-Track Techno EP, Sketch

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April 27th saw L.A. producer Truncate and London’s James Ruskin release an anticipated collaboration. The two artists have delivered three minimal techno cuts for Sketch, which arrived by way of the latter’s Blueprint Records.

The tracklist of Sketch is numerically ordered, with each entry a namesake of the EP’s title. “Sketch 1” goes light on melodic elements, whereas “Sketch 2” hinges around dissonant chords and frantic harmonies. “Sketch 3” closes out the effort somewhere in between, showing off both artists’ ability to do more with less as far as production is concerned.

On Truncate and James Ruskin

Born in Croydon, James Ruskin is among the earliest U.K. artists associated with techno. He began DJing in 1991 and released his debut EP in 1995: Shock Treatment / Snuff, a collaboration with Richard Polson under the moniker Void. The two launched Blueprint Records the following year.

Truncate (real name David Flores) has been involved with the L.A. techno scene nearly as long, originally releasing as Audio Injection on such labels as MonoidStimulus and Droid Recordings. He launched his current alias in 2011, garnering support from the likes of DVS1Ben SimsLuke Slater, and numerous others in the years that followed.

Sketch is available for purchase in digital format via Blueprint Records Bandcamp.

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