Eddie Fowlkes Announces Techno Soul Two-Tracker, Knuckle Head Series Vol. 7

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Detroit Techno, Heritage Artists | 0 comments

Eddie Fowlkes, the Detroit techno innovator and City Boy Music boss, has announced the upcoming installment of a series he kicked off just over a year ago. Knuckle Head Series Vol. 7 comprises two cuts of his signature techno soul sound. It releases on his own label May 21st.

Fowlkes opts for his jazzy, slow-burning style in “Hold Me Down,” gradually layering on sonic elements before the titular vocal. “What It Do!” follows with more driving bass and organic textures, its spoken-word samples rounding out the release with attitude and flavor.

Made in Detroit

One of the earliest artists associated with Detroit techno, Eddie Fowlkes planted his roots in in the city’s early ’80s high school dance scene. Those humble beginnings would grow into a globetrotting DJ career by the early ’90s as techno became a sought-after European import.

Three decades later, Fowlkes has maintained a consistent release schedule. Knuckle Head Series Vol. 6 came out in April, and a track of his titled “1-2-3” will appear on the third and final volume of EPM20 in July.

Fowlkes will perform next at Detroit Legends, a live-streamed event organized by #StayHomeFestival and DanceTelevision, on June 1st.

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