Ibiza to Require Digital Green Certificate of Tourists in Lieu of Tests and Quarantines

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Industry, Stories | 0 comments

Spanish officials have announced that the country will adopt the Digital Green Certificate system proposed by the EU in March. Once it’s implemented, tourists visiting Ibiza will no longer be required to take COVID-19 test or quarantine upon entry.

Each traveler’s certificate will enable them to indicate whether they have been tested, vaccinated, or still have antibodies from a recent bout with the virus using a QR code. Data from the hospitals, test centers and health authorities issuing each certification will be stored on a secure server.

“This certificate is not a passport, it’s not a travel document, and it’s not a requirement for travel,” said Spain’s Digital Health Secretary Alfredo González. “It’s a mechanism that will facilitate mobility in the European Union. It will respect data protection, safety and privacy. It is planned so that it will not be discriminatory, and that is one of the major advantages.”

The announcement signals something of an about face from the Spanish government’s recent guidances. In February, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that he didn’t expect the country to be vaccinated sufficiently for tourism by the end of the summer. Spain is now aiming to allow 40 million visitors in summer 2021.

The EU expects to implement the Digital Green Certificate by the end of June.

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