New Double-LP from Safe Trip Chronicles Early to Mid-90s Trance Music

by | Apr 26, 2021 | Heritage Artists, Trance | 0 comments

A new compilation from Young Marco‘s Safe Trip imprint documents the earliest days of trance music beginning in the ’90s.

Planet Love Vol. 1: Early Transmissions 1991-95 is a double-EP that explores the roots of trance, from the early ’90s through 1995, featuring artists from Europe, Australia, and the United States.

From the genre’s birth via psychedelia-tinged acid house and techno through the European explosion in the mid ’90s, trance became one of dance music’s most popular genres. Planet Love Vol. 1 dives into the sounds that pushed the genre forward in its infancy.

Featured artists and tracks on the compilation include Epsilon Nine with “Life Formation,” Young American Primitive‘s “These Waves,” the Virtual Mix of Extasia‘s “Alegrya,” Humate‘s seminal “Love Stimulation,” and a slew of other classics from proto-trance to dream trance. Totaling 13 tracks, Planet Love Vol. 1 is essentially a collection of tracks that served as the blueprint at the foundation of trance as we know it today.

Planet Love Vol. 1 will be Safe Trip’s first 2021 release and is slated to arrive June 7th. It’s available for pre-order in digital and vinyl format via Safe Trip Bandcamp.

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