Asymptote Releases Acid Techno EP, Acid Pulse, on Suburban Avenue

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In keeping with their recent repertoire, Asymptote have released an EP of outside-the-box acid techno. Acid Pulse [SAV016], as it’s titled, makes a strong case for the subgenre. It released in digital and vinyl format April 7th via the duo’s own Suburban Avenue.

The four songs comprising Acid Pulse succeed in testing the sonic limits of acid techno. Dissonant 303 melodies, high tempos, and intelligent arrangements define the title track as well as “Under the Influence” and “Transition.” “Searching” is the outlier for how its subtle dub delay synths and atmospheres replace the bombastic 303s of the tracks preceding it.

In The Zone

Gabriele Ruggiero and Corrado Viggiano launched the Resistance Is Techno event brand in Rome in 2011, starting their Asymptote project soon after to perform at the parties as residents. They founded Suburban Avenue in 2014. Following EPs by 3KZFanon FlowersZ.I.P.P.O and Binny they debuted on the label themselves with the 2016 EP Behind The Scene.

The Asymptote sound once occupied a tasteful yet fairly straightforward space in the techno spectrum, but their recent foray into acid techno has yielded standout results. 2020 saw them test the waters of the genre with the EP Illusion Of Control, improving upon their sound with each subsequent release.

Acid Pulse is available for purchase in digital and 12-inch vinyl format via Suburban Avenue Bandcamp.

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